Here you can see the photos and video from this incredibly unusual rustic wedding in the Dominican mountains.

Guys, thank you so much for the amazing ceremony, the photo and video, and for the incredible emotions and memories that you have gifted us!! When we recall the whole wedding experience, starting with going to the store to get the remaining props and ending with the wedding day, all we can think about is that you must be huge fans of what you do!!!
To run around the farm in the heat, to catch the moments when the clouds finally cover the sun, since “we are shooting Twilight”, and then as the ceremony begins to get rained on and then move the ceremony to another day - that’s not something that any average Joe can put up with!!!
Thank you, and big thanks to the photographer for the incredible photos and the video operator for the one of a kind video.
You guys are a dream team and we wish you the best of luck and more awesome couples and unusual weddings, you can pull them off so good!!