Where should I get married...

Any couple interested in having a destination wedding is Dominican Republic is confronted by a serious problem - where should we have our wedding and reception?
Every couple wants to have a private and unique wedding, where they will not be surrounded by crowds of half-naked tourists and can enjoy the company of their closest friends and family without interruptions.
Wedding in Dominican Republic offers a vast variety of options. Let’s discuss the positives and negatives of all of them.

1) Resort wedding. There are hundreds of all-inclusive resorts in the DR. Main regions are Punta Cana, Samana and Puerto Plata.

The positives of a resort wedding: ease of travel and stay for you and your guests. You and your guests all stay in the same place, can do gatherings and activities together at any time. For the wedding no one has to travel anywhere, bridal party can get ready in one of the rooms. Some hotels also offer complimentary packages and perks to newlyweds, which cuts the costs of certain wedding events, food and drinks.

The negatives: hotel wedding locations are rarely private or even semi-private, so you will have to deal with random people surrounding you while you say “I Do’s”. Hotel decor packages are very inflexible, basic and costly. Your wedding menu won’t be much different to the normal everyday diet you would be enjoying at the resort. Your guests don’t get to see much of the Dominican Republic.

With all that being said, there is positive news! You can always hire a wedding agency for your hotel wedding, like Weddings in DR and they will make your otherwise cookie-cutter average resort wedding decor shine and impress all of your guests.

2) Restaurant wedding. There are tons of restaurants available all over the country, which can be used for a Dominican wedding. Main regions are Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, La Romana, Samana, Puerto Plata.
Positives of a restaurant wedding: most restaurant will offer at least partial (if not full) privacy for your wedding. Most restaurants are open much later than any resort venue. Your guests get to see something different outside of the resort. You and your guests get to try some different, perhaps local flavours.
Negatives: there are additional costs affiliated with traveling to an off-resort venue. As most restaurants can’t hold more than one wedding a day, your date may not be available.
The negatives can be avoided if you hire a wedding planner, who works with transport companies which can give you very low rates for transport. The date can be booked far in advance to guarantee the availability.

3) Private villa. Dominican Republic is well known for its luxurious stunning private villas built right on a beach or with a jaw-dropping ocean view. Main regions: Punta Cana and Cap Cana, La Romana, Cabrera, Samana and Puerto Plata.
Positives: besides having your wedding at the villa, you and your guests can also stay there. This normally means reduced cost of stay (since the total nightly rate gets split up amongst few people), total privacy and ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Ability to see the country in its full beauty and enjoy some fun activities.
Negatives: remoteness of some locations, long travel times from the airport.
If the negatives scare you - choose the villa wisely and pick something that is close to all inclusive hotels, where some of your guests can stay.

4) Unusual venue (historical site, waterfall, ranch, mountain river). Dominican Republic nature and history is vast, so you can encounter unusual places just about anywhere! If we are speaking about historical sites, Santo Domingo is the place to be. It’s Colonial Zone dates back over 500 years. As far as the natural venue, as we said above - those can be found in any corner of the country. Positives: you get a dream, magazine worthy wedding, which will be 100% private and 100% unusual in every way.
Negatives: some places can be remote and certain services may not be easily available or may cost more due to the transportation or remoteness factors.

With everything said above, ANY and EVERY couple will find what they need in the Dominican Republic, as long as they are in the right hands of true local professionals, who will guide them and help them choose what works best for them!