Cap Cana Chapel is located on the property of Alsol Luxury Village inside of Cap Cana. Its a non-denominational chapel, which means that you can have any type of ceremony within its space, including Catholic, symbolic or civil.

The chapel is located 30-40 minutes away from most hotels in Punta Cana, only 10 minutes away from most venues and hotels in Cap Cana and only 15 minutes away from the villas and venues in Punta Cana Resort.

Cap Cana chapel sits right next to the water and is surrounded by beautiful landscape and buildings.

It has easy access for coach buses and private parking.

The sit-down capacity of the chapel is 80 people.

There is no air conditioner, however there are 2 large fans and 2 adjacent doors, plus the main doors on the chapel.

The cost for the rental of the chapel is US$1100 and it includes the use of the chapel for half of the day.

The cost of a Catholic ceremony service is $450.