The gorgeous wedding of Nevada and Robbie took place in the JellyFish restaurant. For this lovely couple we made an exception and took on a new challenge - a venue where we have not decorated in the past, and a venue where we would only do a couple more weddings... And we knocked it out of the park!

The very sophisticated vision that Nevada had for her wedding we easily translated into the stunning decor, using light dusty grays, blues and pink, with tons of chrome details and just a little splash of nautical elements.

The whole wedding party got ready at the Barcelo Palace Delux resort. After the first look photos the bridal party arrived to the restaurant and all of them were completely stunned with all the fabulousness surrounding them! 

The ceremony took place on the beach in front of the restaurant. It was a truly touching and romantic affair with some traditional Philippino elements, like the veil and the coin ceremonies. We decorated the ceremony site with a natural wood gazebo with white chiffon draping and live flowers, on the aisle we used lanterns and white Tiffany chairs with dusty blue sashes. Note the stunning live flower and crystal chandelier in the gazebo!

The ceremony was followed by the cocktail hour and the family portraits on the beach. 

Shortly after the cocktail hour everyone was invited to step inside for the dinner. The candles got lit up, the twinkle lights were shimmering with warm glow and the atmosphere inside the restaurant was warm, touching and romantic.

After the dinner it was time to start the party, so Nevada and Robbie invited everyone outside onto the dance floor to support them during their super romantic, sparklers surrounded first dance :)

After the first dance they cut the cake, and then everyone was invited outside yet again, for a surprise event. The surprise was a fire show, held on the beach in front of the restaurant. The hot fiery action got everyone pumped up for the following party! As the fire show was over, everyone returned to the dance floor, just to be joined by the crazy hour performers! This is when the party really went wild, the drinks were pouring, clothes were diminishing and the mood was at its highest!