Ashlee... she is one of the most demanding brides we have ever dealt with. In every good way of the word. She knows what she wants and she expects nothing but the best, this is the reason why she hired us to decorate her wedding.

Ashlee sent us a 60-somewhat long file with her wedding inspiration, in which she described every little detail that she wanted. We digested the file and delivered exactly what she wanted and some! This wedding was posted on a nationwide wedding forum, called Wedding Bee, HERE you can check out the post ;)

We love Ashlee, she is a genuinely amazing, sweet, and kind person with a strong will and spirit that cannot be broken. Her husband Eric is a one lucky guy ;) We LOVED creating Ashlee's dream wedding and we hope you like the result.

Big thanks to German Paz for capturing the beauty of that day.

Make sure you check out the video from our team video operator Denis Lemann below the photos :)