Here you can see the photos from this beautiful wedding in Cap Cana, which may have not even happened...

“I want to tell you about our wedding, along with some crazy adventures. It all started with us wanting an incredibly beautiful wedding in the Dominican Republic.
I sat in front of my computer for days and looked for a very good agency to take care of our dream. After turning the entire web upside down and after speaking with numerous people online, I chose Val’s Weddings.
Val turned out to be so easy to get along with, that we still get the feeling that we have known her for years!!
We have very quickly came up with a perfect plan for our wedding and got all the little details ironed out.
Once everything was ready and we were practically ready to leave for our vacation, we started having problems with our flights, they were getting cancelled and moved. Due to such an unpleasant situation, our tour agent offered to upgrade our hotel at no additional cost. We didn’t have time to think and after checking out the photos of the hotel, we agreed.
And here we are, in the hotel in the Dominican Republic, waiting for Val and her team to arrive, and it turns out that not only the hotel got changed, but also the city changed as well and we realized that we were not in Punta Cana, but in Puerto Plata!! We were in real shock, since the distance from our hotel to Punta Cana is about 6 hour drive.
Huge thanks to Val and her team that they didn’t leave us hanging and helped us out!!!
Val immediately found a solution for such a difficult situation, organized us a transfer and created an unbelievable wedding!!!
We are so happy that we got the chance to meet these wonderful people, who are truly the best at what they do! For those, who want the most beautiful wedding, stunning photos and video - do not think twice and book Val and her team, you won’t regret it!!”