Caleton Beach Club is part of a luxurious boutique hotel Eden Rock. The project is located within gated community Cap Cana, 20-40 minutes away from most of the hotels (20 minutes away from Punta Cana Resort hotels and the airport, Dreams Palm Beach; 40 minutes away from Hard Rock hotel, Majestic, Royalton).

The whole property gets renovated on a regular basis, so it stays very fresh, clean and well-maintained.

Cap Cana is a very luxurious gated community, so the drive into Caleton is pleasant, and will definitely make a great impact on your guests.

Caleton has easy access for coach buses and valet parking service available.

In case couple has a large group of guests (100+), the Caleton Beach Club lobby, or the lobby bar can be used for the cocktail hour.

As far as the venue for the wedding ceremony goes, there are 2 options: green space with ocean view or a private white sand beach. 

For the reception venue, it depends on the couples wishes and the size of the group.

La Palapa restaurant is located next to the beach, on the green space with ocean view.

It features an open concept, using natural wood and topped off with a palm thatched roof.

There is a small covered patio to the side of the restaurant, facing the ocean. This can be used as welcome area or for the cocktail hour. It comes equipped with some lounge seating + 2 high cocktail tables with high chairs.

Small stairway leads up to the open restaurant. The space of the restaurant is divided by 4 large columns in the center of the space.

The restaurant has 1 large bar.

The waterfront green space is located outside of the restaurant and can be used for the ceremony, the dance floor or for sit down dinner in case of a large group.

The restaurant features spectacular cuisine with all sorts of flavors. It is rated #12 out of 166 restaurant in Punta Cana on Tripadvisor, as opposed to another popular wedding venue the JellyFish restaurant, which is rated #26.

Maximum capacity for a sit-down plated dinner in the covered area of the restaurant is 80 people.

Outdoor green space can also be used for a dinner set up, which will increase the capacity to over 100. However, we recommend using the outdoor space only for the party (dance floor, DJ, entertainment).

Cocktail hour area can house up to 80 people as well.

Generator is a must at Caleton, as Cap Cana electricity supply is rather unreliable.

Curfew for party at this restaurant is 12:00 AM.

For larger groups there are other areas available as well, however, the complex is undergoing some renovations right now, therefore there will be some changes to the typical wedding venues.

Pro's: VIP experience, amazing level of service, excellent food, privacy.

Con's: Medium to high price bracket, early curfew, 40 minute bus ride from most hotels.