La Yola is a restaurant located in the Marina of Punta Cana Resort and Club.

It is 30-40 minutes away from most of the hotels in Bavaro and 5 minutes away from the Westin hotel, Club Med, 15 minutes away from Cap Cana hotels, like Alsol Village, Sanctuary and others..

Main portion of the restaurant is built on land and a large part of it is built on wooden pillars over the water. It features a few connected areas, each one of which can be used for various events, like the cocktail hour, the dance and the dining area. The main materials used are natural wood and white finishes, tons of white draping, which makes the place look airy and light.

There is private parking and easy access for coach buses.

The entrance features a reception area, where the guests can be served a welcome drink.

There is 1 bar at the restaurant, but in case of a large event, another bar can be set up close to the dance floor.

If you desire to have a ceremony on the beach, one of the gorgeous private beaches in Punta Cana Resort can be used for that, and then the guests would be transported to La Yola restaurant. If the beach is not important, one of the areas of the restaurant over the water can be used for the ceremony, or even the pier of the Marina. This would create a dramatic backdrop and unusual setting for many styles of decor.

The food quality in the restaurant is impeccable. La Yola is rated #14 restaurant out of 166 in Punta Cana on Tripadvisor, as opposed to another popular wedding restaurant JellyFish, which is rated #26 in Punta Cana.

Maximum capacity for a sit-down dinner in the covered area of the restaurant is 70 people.

Curfew for party at this restaurant is 12:00 AM. However, in our experience most weddings are done at 12:00 AM, as the wedding activities start early and most guests feel the need to go back to the hotel fairly early.

Pro's: Amazing quality of food, amazing service, stunning location, unusual decor/setting, easy access, complete privacy.

Con's: 30-40 minutes away from most hotels, fairly early curfew.