Here you can check out the photos from this gorgeous wedding.

"Pre Wedding Meeting June 25th
We met with Val and Pier (her operations manager) on June 25th.  Val took us to La Palapa where she had set up our tasting of food and drinks with the restaurant. The service even during our tasting was impeccable. Ana Luisa, the kitchen manager, and the chef came out to greet us and explain what dishes we would be trying. They had all of my requests ready to go and served everything seamlessly. If we weren’t sure about one item, they quickly had another option ready. The food and drinks were delicious both during the tasting and during our wedding.
Val and Pier even set up for the DJ to come to the meeting so we could make sure we were all on the same page.
Upon meeting Val and her team we knew our party would go off without a hitch. She had all our details ready to go and had questions for me in order to clarify every last detail…being the extreme type A personality I am, I too had a list of questions to clarify but after talking with Val my list was useless because she had asked every pertinent question and then some (all while being full of energy and not making anything stressful). By the end our meeting it was to the point to where she should ask a question and my response was “whatever you think”…my now husband about fell over of shock because those words never come out of my mouth as I am about the most obnoxious micromanager you could imagine.  This truly speaks to how much trust and confidence I had in Val and her team.

Wedding Day June 27th
When we arrived at Eden Roc to check in (my hubby got us an amazing room for the night and from me to get ready in) Ana Luisa was there to greet us with welcome drinks in hand.  We were quickly taken to our gorgeous room! Ana Luisa was there to check on us all day and hand delivered my bouquet, took items to La Palapa, etc. She even noticed how scratchy my voice was and brought me some hot tea with honey which was a life saver!
Once we learned the guest had arrived, we loaded up on a golf cart to head to the ceremony. I hadn’t seen my father and was kind of bummed, when no other than Ana Luisa pulled up on a golf cart with my dad in toe (having him brought to my room was something I had mentioned to Val so somehow word traveled and they delivered). Everything really ran seamlessly between Val and her staff and Ana Luisa!
We pulled up to the back of La Palapa and I was able to see the guest in the distance at the beautiful ceremony site. Val and her team did an amazing job and had every detail as I had imagined. I then was able to walk into the reception area and couldn’t believe what I saw. It was truly as if my pintrest boards and all my crazy email ramblings to Val had jumped off the pages and come to life. It was absolutely gorgeous! My husband’s family is Russian and they will be the first to tell you that they ALWAYS have something to complain about….they couldn’t believe there was nothing for them to find wrong. I mean they were genuinely shocked because they themselves say they can ALWAYS find something wrong…and they couldn’t…AMAZING! The flowers were fresh and beautiful. I really wanted hydrangeas and Val told me that they don’t do well in the heat but she would do everything she should to keep them alive and boy did she…spritzing the flowers as people partied and her Lili on her team was constantly relighting the candles (Val told me ahead of time real candles blow out easily because of the wind but I wasn’t crazy about the fake ones…didn’t become an issue at all. If one went out someone was there to relight it…even when we said don’t worry about it, they would not settle for it! AMAZING).
Val had everyone take their seats and had the parents, officiant, and Dan pulled aside. The music started and she was right there telling everyone when to go. It all went smoothly even without any practice! Pier knew when the Dj should switch music and they changed fluidly to my processional song. For our ceremony and vows, we used a microphone and everyone was able to hear us over the amazing sound of crashing waves. Val and her team knew where to best have the DJ set up speakers so that everything was heard.
Cocktail Hour
After the ceremony our guest enjoyed cocktail hour and appetizers on a covered deck overlooking the water and cliffs. Everyone is still raving about the drinks (sangria and passion fruit mojito). The staff at La Palapa delivered great service and everyone was happy.
Val again had everyone organized and led them into the restaurant to take their seats. The MC Eric, came out to introduce himself to us, made sure he was saying everything we wanted him to say and even knew that we wanted to give a quick welcome speech upon entering and would need the mic (we never told him but between Val and Pier our wants were known and delivered).  We entered, were introduced, gave our speech, and then were seated for dinner. The food was amazing. We had a salad, soup, and then the main course. Everyone’s food came out perfect and in an organized manner. There was not craziness about who ordered what or where they were sitting, etc. It was all coordinated and handled perfectly between Val and her team and the team at La Palapa and Ana Luisa.
The DJ Eddie played from our playlist for both cocktail hour and dinner. If we needed a change, Pier was always there to communicate with the DJ and kept things flowing!
Ummmm…I don’t even know where to start…We opened up the dance floor (perfectly framed within 4 wooden poles in the center of La Palapa) with our first dance, father-daughter, and then mother-son. Music was played as asked and then we opened up the floor to all. We had hired the fire show and crazy hour. Val and Pier did an amazing job of coordinating with the vendors and their timing on when to have each act come and it was perfect. The fire shower and crazy hour performers were amazing. People were shocked and couldn’t believe all the entertainment we had. It really flowed so smoothly and there was never a down point. Our guests (we had 32 and most don’t dance) were out of their seats the entire night…the flow of the night allowed for the perfect amount of energy and everyone truly partied. Had Val and Pier not suggested the schedule as they did the energy would not have been to the level it was at. They really knew the best order for the flow of the night and I am so glad we trusted them with our party!
Somewhere in between we cut the cake.  It was a gorgeous 3 tier cake. I had originally wanted all red velvet with cream cheese filling. When we met with Val and Pier on the 25th I wasn’t really sure because my husband isn’t crazy about red velvet…not a problem. Val immediately suggested we do 3 different layers and fillings. She suggested mocha with Nutella, red velvet with cream cheese, and vanilla cake with vanilla pudding filling…done! All were amazing and delicious. So glad she was there to give me suggestions!
Around 11:30 Dan and I took a golf cart back to our room to grab a few things and then returned to the party…we were super tired by that time (our ceremony was around 4:45/5ish). Val was so in tune with how we were filling. She asked me if I wanted to play 2 more songs and then our final song…I was like “YES”! I loved our wedding and everything about it but we were exhausted and had a rock the dress the next morning!
Val took all my ideas and made them into a reality. Her team was all so sweet and amazing. Many brides were concerned because they haven’t seen pics of larger weddings…please rest assured you have NOTHING to worry about if you decide to work with Val’s Weddings. Val and her team have true talent so it doesn’t matter if it is a wedding for 2 or 200, it is done with true quality, class, beauty, and perfection. You will be forever thankful if you work with this team. Val and her team were all so full of life and care that my family and friends are still talking about Val, Pier and Lili. They were there so much beyond just wedding logistics. Some family members partied hard and had scrapes and cuts and even some ant bites. They were there with their first aid kit fixing up everyone and everything. As a bride, I didn’t even notice any of the small stuff going on…it was taken care of so quickly, quietly, and with purpose. I was so impressed with all the décor, flowers, linens, and the overall ambiance they provided on our dream wedding night! I really am a perfectionist who wants everything perfect.  Truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!"