Here you can check out photos from the unbelievable and very non water-resistant wedding.

“You don’t believe in happiness? You just can’t create it!!! But these people not only do it with style, but also add so much “spice” to it, that you will NEVER be able to forget your “happiness dish”!!!!!!
Val, you are an unbelievable person!!! I think it was meant to be, when I found you... and then I realized - YES, YES, YES, YOU will be my wedding planner!!!!!!
Believe me, NO ONE creates such beauty like these guys!!!
Creativity, positivity, ocean of smiles, laughter - no problem!!! They don’t just work, they create, and look like a million bucks while doing it!!!!
P.S. I know that the paper flowers were created by the entire team and I want to thank each and every one of them for that!!! Thank you so much for OUR “happiness dish”. You are our magicians!!! Every part of this team is a true professional in their field!!!
We LOVE you guys!!!!!!