Museo de Las Casas Reales is a one of a kind museum, located in the center of Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, dating back to 16-th century, making it a spectacular wedding venue.

It is located 2 hours away from Punta Cana, 1,5 hours away from La Romana and only 5 minutes away from most boutique hotels located in Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo, as well as major chain hotels, like Sheraton, Hilton, Barcelo and others.

It features a large 2 story building, with 2 large open courtyards. There are 2 main hallways, one of them is closed and air conditioned and is ideal for a cocktail hour, following the ceremony.

One if the open courtyards is ideal for the ceremony set-up and the adjacent one is perfect for the reception dinner and party.

It is easily accessible by buses and has a small parking on the side. 

Any and every service is available at the museum.

There is a small peacock ranch inside the museum.

Curfew for party to end is 3:00 AM.

We are able to bring in catering for food and beverage and any other service, like fireworks, entertainment, DJ, live bands and orchestras.

This is truly a unique venue, which would remain in your memory and memory of your guests forever.