Here you can see the amazing photos from Nevada and Robbie's wedding.

"Like many brides before me, I was also affected by the “divorce” but nonetheless, I do believe that things do
happen for a reason. We decided that Jellyfish was for us…and it was perfect. During the “divorce”, my
fiancé and I were quite worried about who would take over the décor/coordination services and wondered if
they would do as good of a job as Mayte did. We looked at other venues that Mayte could work with but it
was either our date wasn’t available or we just didn’t love the venue enough as much as we did Jellyfish. We
lucked into Val’s Weddings through Ashlee Barnes and we were elated when we found out she could
decorate/coordinate our wedding at Jellyfish.
And so, our wedding was orchestrated by Valerie Sergienko and her incredible team! They produced a
beautiful beach wedding that incorporated every detail that we spoke of or asked for. The decorations were
gorgeous and they made our vision become reality. One of our must haves was a plush sweetheart couch
that would allow my hubby and I to sit side by side during dinner – and they made it happen. Our
centerpieces were lanterns surrounded by a garden of soft colored flowers and it was breathtaking to have
seen them everywhere. I almost wish I asked for more flowers! Val also had this great idea of a vintage
beach lounge surrounded by posts with twinkling lights and it was too pretty for words!
But they weren’t just there to make a pretty wedding; they were there from the beginning to the end
ensuring that the day would unfold as perfect as possible. They went above and beyond what we asked for.
There are so many stories I can share that exemplifies Val and team’s excellent services and here are a few!
On the way to our tasting, Val surprised us with a cellphone that we could use to contact her and our
vendors during our stay in Punta Cana which proved super useful! I definitely used that cellphone a lot more
than I had anticipated and she was always ready to answer!. On the night of the wedding, they took time to
sew the bustle of my dress as it was dragging on the floor so much causing people to step on it. Also,
unbeknownst to us at the time, Val had a photographer/videographer who was documenting everything
from behind the scenes. They shared with us a video that they had produced and we were so surprised and
ecstatic at how beautiful the video came out!!!"


Here is the super romantic video that Nevada spoke so warmly about! ;)