Lisa and Randy are out of this world!!!! We have met them almost 2 years before their wedding took place and we immediately knew - they are a perfect couple for us. Lisa worked at the US Embassy in Santo Domingo at the time, Randy was in Kuwait, serving his country. They are true travelers - you know those cool maps, where you scratch off the places you have been to - well, Lisa and Randy would not have had much left to be scratching lol

So this is how the theme for this wedding was born - luxurious, slightly vintage travel theme! We, of course ran with it and executed it seamlessly.

The next step was to choose the theme of the wedding. Since Randy and Lisa lived in the capital, it was decided to hold the ceremony and the reception right there, in the heart of Santo Domingo. We chose an amazing, drunken with history venue - the Museo de las Casas Reales. It is a historical site, with over 500 years of past, where every stone has been touched by millions of hands, looked at by millions of eyes.

We planned this wedding with all of our passion, gave it a piece of our heart and love, and here is the result!