The most curious situation happened to this beautiful couple. They were planning an elopement in Punta Cana and had contacted our team a few months in advance. The bride was getting very excited about her special day and withing a coupe of weeks we have figured out exactly what she wanted for her wedding.

About a month before their arrival in Punta Cana, they sent me a message, saying that their travel agent had suggested a better hotel to them (probably because the one they have originally reserved was overbooked at the time). We noted the new hotel and made arrangements to meet on the day of the arrival to go over all the details of the wedding day.

The day and time of the meeting came, our wedding coordinator along with the operations manager are waiting in the lobby of the hotel, and no one seems to be showing up... They get online and start chatting with the couple. Few minutes of back and forth messaging and something becomes very clear... bone chillingly clear!

The couples travel agent had booked them into a hotel in Puerto Plata (there is a hotel with the same name located in Punta Cana, where our coordinators were waiting)!!!

Imagine - being 5 hours of driving time away from each other and trying to organize a wedding! The couple, of course was in complete shock, as were we, but immediately we started looking for the solutions to this difficult situation. 

We looked into hiring a private helicopter or a jet, but that was too pricey, so we found them a personal driver. He drove for 5 hours to pick them up, then for 5 hours to Punta Cana, where we have arranged a great hotel room for them. They slept the night away and got ready in the room the next morning. After, they arrived at the beach, where a beautifully decorated arch was waiting for them. After the ceremony and the photo session they were brought back to Puerto Plata, where they finished their holiday, relaxed and ever so happy :)

There is no situation in the world that can stop us from organizing the most beautiful weddings. You can see the result of all the hard work below.