Punta Cana Church is located in Punta Cana Village, 5 minutes away from the airport, 20-30 minutes away from most hotels and 15 minutes away from Punta Cana and Cap Cana venues. It is a Roman Catholic church, which means that in order to have the ceremony done there, you will have to fulfill the requirements listed below.

Punta Cana church is located inside of Punta Cana village, a luxury gated community, surrounded by amazing landscape.

It has easy access for coach buses and private parking.

The sit-down capacity of the chapel is 150 people.

There is no air conditioner, however the space is very large and there are many fans and 2 adjacent doors, plus the main doors on the chapel.

There is no cost for rental of the church, however the cost of Catholic ceremony has to be paid.

The cost of a Catholic ceremony service is $450.