Alana & Daniel decided not to have a traditional beach wedding, and instead they asked us to find them a stunning location with an incredible view and a big tree. Not an easy task, we must say! We were however able to find the perfect place - a ranch located within a 30 minute drive from Punta Cana with a jaw-dropping backdrop.

For the decor of the wedding the couple chose a rustic theme and we delivered! We used tonnes of rope, burlap, succulents, wooden crates, barrels, old books, bottles, branches and simple field flowers. Everything was made by the hands of our designers and complimented the surroundings perfectly.


Alana and Daniel are huge fans of the Twilight Saga, so we came up with our own take on the wedding decor from the movie, using some frosted tree branches, flowers and crystals.

We spent the entire day at the ranch with our team and came up with this unusual and super creative wedding video.

You can read the review of this special day from Alana and Daniel Here.