We have been dreaming of organizing and decorating a safari style wedding for quite some time. Finally we have met a couple interested in such a wedding, so we took it and ran with it all the way to the stars!

The color scheme of this wedding was all warm, earthy and cozy colors - beige, chocolate, green, orange and red.

In the decor of the wedding we used a lot of feathers, natural branches, flowers and succulents. The designer bouquet made by our team florist was a work of art :)

Safari style wedding cannot take place without some animals! So we invited these gorgeous Ara parrots to take part in this celebration of love ;)

The couple used a traditional off road car to get around on the wedding day. It suited the theme perfectly and looked awesome in the photos. 

The designer cake and cupcakes were a real work of art. The look was completed by the impeccable taste and flavor ;)